Well look at that just what I had expected. I haven’t been consistent… oops, oh well hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year mine was quite depressing but all was well.



Start of something new

The Start Of My BlogĀ 

So its the 11th of December which means only 14 days till Christmas I can’t wait!! I’m thinking of using this blog to write about everything and anything but mostly to review make up/beauty products that I buy.

This might not be interesting to read so I’m mostly writing this for me to look back at when I’m older and cringe xx

Anyway; last weekend I went to London and took some very Christmas-y pictures so i thought I’ll share them, they look very festive, to be honest I love London during the festive season with all the bright lights and all the Christmas decorations.

Oxford Street Christmas Lights, London, Britain - 12 Nov 2013London-19-events